About Us

About the SMACNA LI

An association of locally based, sheet metal, HVAC and testing and balancing contractors.

Since our incorporation in 1971, SMACNA of Long Island has remained committed to providing educational opportunities and technical guidance for our members and our industry partners. SMACNA of Long Island contractors are knowledgeable, well informed and dedicated to providing the highest quality of construction for our communities. SMACNA OF LONG ISLAND is an association of locally based, sheet metal, HVAC and testing and balancing contractors employing over 500 union workers enrolled in the Sheet Metal Workers International. We are committed to providing the highest quality of construction for our communities, while providing the highest quality of employment for our workers.

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Public Works & Responsible Contractors

SMACNA-LI works closely with public construction agencies such as the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, the School Construction Agency of NYC, the NYS Office of General Services Construction Division; and numerous engineering firms engaged in public works design and construction. We support all efforts to assure that only proven quality contractors are allowed to work on public construction projects.

Apprentice School Requirement for Public Works

State law allows local governments to require that contractors on local public works must be affiliated with a state certified apprentice school. Such certification assures local government of quality, accident free construction.

Economic Development on Long Island

SMACNA-LI strongly supports federal, state and local funding and incentives for economic development on Long Island, including public works, schools, infrastructure and private investment


Prevailing Wage Laws

Prevailing wage laws ensure that state and local public works receive the highest quality of construction. Such laws assure that unscrupulous contractors cannot exploit labor. They also provide strong support for local wages and underpin local economies. SMACNA of LI supports strong enforcement of prevailing wage laws.

Indoor Air Quality

SMACNA-LI contractors are at the forefront of efforts to promote indoor air quality in public spaces. We fund IAQ education programs for engineers and governmental construction agencies. We strongly support IAQ considerations in building design and construction.

Worker Recruitment

SMACNA-LI members are union contractors providing a full range of health and welfare benefits, living wages, safety training and career opportunities for local workers. We are pleased to work with local educational and career development officials to connect local citizens with job opportunities in the unionized construction sector.

Workers Compensation & Liability Insurance

Excessive workers compensation costs in New York State are a major, inhibiting factor for economic growth. Excessive liability claims put the companies and investments of honest, responsible contractors at risk. SMACNA-LI supports reasonable reforms to limit these liabilities.

Apprentice School Certification

Valid apprentice schools provide career path education for local workers. Graduates of apprentice schools have been proven to have the highest safety records in the construction industry. State registration and regulation of apprentice schools prevents unscrupulous contractors from forming sham apprentice schools that exploit workers and mislead construction consumers.

Illegal Immigrant Workers

SMACNA-LI members provide our workers a full package of a living wage, health insurance, retirement plans, workers compensation and safety training. We face unfair competition from unscrupulous contractors employing illegal and often exploited workers.

About SMACNA National

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) is an international trade association representing 1,834 member firms in 103 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

Technical Expertise

Technical standards and manuals developed by SMACNA members have found world-wide acceptance by the construction community, including local and national government agencies. SMACNA standards and manuals address all facets of the sheet metal and HVAC industry, from duct construction and installation to indoor air quality, from energy recovery to roofing, from solar energy to welding, from commissioning to performance service maintenance.

As part of a national organization (SMACNA), we have the ability to quickly help you get answers to your technical concerns, BIM questions, safety issues and more.